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These have indeed helped them grow to giants in their field and solve lots of problems. Numbers are involved in all aspects of our lives and we must respect and acknowledge the astrological definitions of numbers for different individuals. Gems too, like numbers play a major role in keeping us safe and away from trouble. And, according to the zodiacs, each individual tends to have a lucky gemstone. Also, the right gemstones can bring in lots of luck into your lives. Get Gemstone consultation from top gemstone astrologer in USA.

Health problems. If you have been facing severe health problems from a long time, it must be due to the position of the planets. You must visit us once to consult about the same.


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Sometimes, the solutions are simple and we simply increase the problem due to negligence. Our parents suggested to consult with KP Tripathi. I discussed everything and he gave me genuine solutions and his remedies worked as a blessing for me he recommended few gemstones to both of us before leaving for USA.

And guess what now we are so much happily married living in USA with a and we are blessed with a baby girl. I am extremely thankful for his guidance to save our marriage. If you are in USA and if you are looking for astrological solutions from a genuine astrologer, I will recommend you to seek astrological guidance from Dr. KP Tripathi ji. Mr KP Tripathi is the most reliable astrologer in the world. I took phone consultation with him, as I was suffering from Diabetes, he advised me to wear a lucky gemstone. And soon I got such good results that no body could imagine.

Last year I was in relationship with my boyfriend but we broke up due to lack of communication and a lot of understanding. Afterwards I went through a really depressing phase and it was really disheartening to know things were not the same. I got to know about KP Tripathi ji and he is the reason I got back with my partner.

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Our communication and understanding with each other is so good now. Pandit KP Tripathi ji has helped me to reunite with my lover and we are happily married and we live together now. All thanks to KP Tripathi ji for reuniting both of us and I am forever grateful for his astrological help and solutions to solve the relationship problems which I had last year. I saw his program on Youtube channel.

Jai Shree Krishna Guru ji. KP Tripathi is is the best astrologer consultant in my opinion and he has a deep knowledge of Astrology.

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I had been in Property Consultancy Business for past 15 years. I was planning to leave Mumbai Forever. He also designed a new layout helping me establishing my business, he has been my mentor, counselor and the reason for my success. He analysed my horoscope also recommended a good gemstone which has helped me a lot to take my business to a new height.

I will suggest any one looking for an online astrologer should defintely consult astrologer KP Tripathi for Astrology guidance. My husband was employed for 10 years in a company of medium size. He wanted to be employed in a much bigger company in a city.

Education and Career Problem

When he got a new job in an MNC in Chennai, he was overjoyed. But I was hesitant because we were quite well settled in our town and children were in the middle of a school year. We went to KP Tripathiji to ask for advice. He told my husband that the time was not right for him to change his job. My husband was very disappointed, but he obeyed and did not join the new company. If my husband had taken that new job, he would have been laid off.

We are very fortunate to have had your counselling us at the right time. When we decided to buy a new house, it was a big decision.

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We were about to invest all our life savings into buying the new house. We consulted KP Tripathiji before going ahead. He advised us that because of my natal chart, any decision I take now would be fated to fail. He warned me not to buy the house I had decided on, and to wait for two more years instead.

I did as he advised, and after two years, bought another house because the first one was no longer available. Last month, I heard that the City Corporation found that many building permissions had not been taken for the first house, and that they were going to file a case against the builders. When my father had an accident, he went into a coma.

He was in coma for over four months, and we got very worried.

We had put him in the best hospital, but no treatment was working for him. One of the nurses in the hospital suggested that we meet KP Tripathiji. KP Tripathiji studied the horoscope of my parents, and suggested that we visit a certain temple on Tuesday to offer a prayer. We went there for four Tuesdays, and miraculously, my father regained consciousness.

This was a miraculous cure! My wife and I had a love marriage. Our parents were against it, but we went against their wishes. But within 6 months of getting married, things turned bad. We used to quarrel all day long.

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It seemed like my wife was finding fault with everything I do. Sometimes, even neighbours could hear us shouting at each other.

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One of the neighbours advised us to consult KP Tripathiji. I am very glad we followed her advice.

After meeting him and following his instructions, we slowly became more united. Somehow our parents also got reconciled, and now we have become one big happy family. While, I am glad to consult him, I will recommend him to others as well who want to consult an astrologer. KP Tripathi provides accurate astrological reading in USA, people who need Astrological Consultation can consult by providing birth details here. The forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D. The best astrologer in United States of America also owns several territories, or insular areas, in the Caribbean and Pacific.