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The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence but deep down you know that is an illusion and you won't let yourself be fooled. Rather than move on to pastures new, stay where you are and improve your existing situation. If someone offers you something for nothing over the next 24 hours you will, of course, start thinking there is some sort of catch.

But on this occasion the planets indicate you have nothing to worry about — they just want to be generous. Life may have been a bit dull of late but things will soon liven up, so get as much rest as you can so that later in the month you will have the energy you need to take advantage of new opportunities.

January 5 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

The world never stops turning. According to the planets you have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to — so why are you still so anxious? The only way you will get past your worries is to get out into the world and throw yourself into more challenging activities. Sometimes it's good to plan well ahead but the planets indicate you will accomplish more today and over the weekend if you trust your instincts.

It's not natural for a Leo to be tied down to too rigid a schedule — you need to be free. Your critics may say you are chasing after a lost cause but no way will you accept that you are beaten, so keep going and keep believing that by sheer strength of character you can turn the situation in your favor. You're so close to success. Not everyone shares your brand of off-the-wall humour, so don't be surprised if you get a few blank stares, and a few nasty looks, if you say something that isn't "politically correct". But don't let it stop you — in fact, say it again!

Make the most of Mars in your sign to get things done today and over the weekend. Even if you feel your energy is low, once you get going you will find your second wind and move ahead of your rivals before they know what's going on. You can sense that the good times are on their way back but the fact is they never really went away.

What happens between now and the start of next week will convince you that life is delightful, not just sometimes but always! It would appear that you are holding on to something that no longer works. Why would you want to do that?

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With so much positive cosmic activity in your sign you have the power to create any kind of lifestyle you desire. You don't need the past. You may have your doubts that a colleague has what it takes to contribute to a project you are working on together but they will surprise you.

Later in the month you will have reason to be grateful they are on your team and not someone else's. You may have a head full of big ideas but what are you going to do with them all? Identify the three that are of most importance to you and get to work on those.

Forget about the rest until later in the year. Focus brings success. Very ambitious, always fearfully caring that everyone sees their merit and can adequately evaluate their good deeds. They can be initially a little fearful and uncertain when dealing with strangers. But when they grow accustomed to people — their bossy nature soon shows: for they always strive for subjecting others to their will. They are a born leader and organizer, fit for managerial positions.

They can immediately make use of every opportunity.

They usually do not enjoy detailed work — they prefer to design and conduct others. They are greatly interested in the matters of other people — on the other hand, they hate it when someone else is sticking their nose in their own life. Decisive, bossy — they can be demanding.

January 5 Birthday Horoscope

Unusually clever — they begin to act when others still ponder over their projects. When circumstances are not favorable to them — they become discouraged, capricious and depressed.

They can be envious, critical and derisive — but a good and faithful friend. It is good to have them for a friend and not so for an enemy — for they never forget or forgive any harm done to them — be it significant or imaginary. On the other hand, when you once make friends with them — they show great stability.

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  • They attack generally accepted opinions — and show all the falsity of common morality and conventional views. Very angular and inquisitive in nature — they constantly analyze characters and actions of others.