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These beauties of nature have incredible healing powers and often their abilities go underestimated.

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Having fresh flowers in your living space and immediately boost your mood and keep your emotions positive and stable. Try not to dwell on negative thoughts; as soon as a negative thought appears, count to ten and think of all the positive things in your life and what you have to look forward to.

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With more practice, it will become easier to banish the negative thinking! What does have in store for you? Talk with an expert psychic now to find out! Oct 09, - Your sensitive streak may be very high today, Cancer, so watch out for people who may be exhibiting negative energy or who may have a penchant to dump all their problems on you.

It is wonderful to help others, but remember that there is only so much you can do, and if you feel drained then it is always important to take time out. Your naturally empathic nature means it is important for you to spend time among nature, as nature is a very healing and therapeutic place for you.

Swimming is particularly beneficial for you at this time, or alternatively, a hot bath with salts. Incense such as ylang ylang, lavender and myrrh can help keep you calm, relaxed and focused, helping to align your internal energies so you erase any negative debris that may have attached itself to you.

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Oct 10, - Your intuition may be particularly powerful today, Cancer, so this is a good time to listen to your gut and also expand upon your abilities, if you choose to. Dreams may have a powerful impact on you so it is a good idea to keep a dream diary. Crysals such as hermatite and selenite can help you connect with your inner self and listen to the inutitive voice within.

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If you have been struggling with issues that have been causing you sadness or distress, then calling upon your inner voice can be very helpful right now. Spending time with loved ones can help refresh and regenerate you; don't spend too much time on your own today and reconnect yourself with nature, which can also help refresh you and be wonderfully therapeutic.


When the 8 of Pentacles appears in your Tarot reading, the message is, all of your hard work is about to pay off. This is a card of committed labour, a dedicated mindset to your ultimate goal.


Onyx Known for its properties of encouragement, strength and protection, Onyx's primary chakra is the Root Chakra, which connects to our sense of safety, security and our physical identity or sense of self. The final round of Mercury madness AKA Mercury retrograde for is knocking at the door, and the retrograde officially kicks off October 31, lasting until November Be sure to utilize this to the fullest extent. You are feeling irritable and rather ill used because of stomach problems.

But you need to realize that eating indiscriminately is the root of all your physical problems which is leading to this feeling of mental stress. You need to control your diet, but will probably find it very difficult to do so. Get in touch with a dieting buddy. Support of another person can better help you through this situation. You have become too used to dealing with your problems by yourself, but you will find that sharing them with your partner can be very helpful. He or she is going to be supportive and can even offer you practical help.

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If the problem concerns any issue in your relationship, then broach the subject in a public place where your partner is less likely to react emotionally to it. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. Time to focus on your talents and do not worry about your weaknesses.

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This is an era of victory for you! You are firm and resolute with your strategy and will be extremely precise with your words. You may receive some unexpected wealth from ancestral property or from your past investments.