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Your eye for what's in style translates well to image consulting, decorating, the arts, entertainment media. But you're just as likely to go for intellectual careers, like law, politics, public policy, diplomacy, or writing. Your sense of balance and high level of integrity makes you a sought-after partner in any business. Having charm in spades makes you a good interviewee, and inspires others to help you up the ladder of success. You're able to go deeply into one field of endeavor and become an expert researcher, leaving no stone unturned.

Your penetrating mind is both respected and feared by colleagues. You excel in areas like depth psychology, criminal investigating, hypnosis, dramatic arts, or social sciences. You prefer to have long periods to work in solitude without interruption. You might make your mark by transforming waste into something reusable. You shine light into the shadows and are not afraid to tread in dark, primal psychic territory.


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You're good at spotting hidden motives, and this serves you in any endeavor. You're likely to undergo a metamorphosis several times, possibly changing careers. People with Midheavens in Sagittarius are expansive and open to inter-disciplinary fields. Drawn to sharing what you know with others, through teaching, counseling or as a spiritual quester and guide. You're the eternal student and thrive in life work that allows you to research, investigate, explore, philosophize and connect dots. Some such fields are higher education, the clergy, journalism, languages, writing, photography, filmmaking, and theatre.

Travel unlocks new possibilities, as you weave in cross-cultural influences, ideas, and wisdom. You're suited to climbing personal mountains and have a heightened level of endurance to reach your goals. Those with earthy charts veer into fields like farming, real estate, food product businesses, horticulture. This is a mega-ambitious Midheaven and one that gears you toward stability, wealth-building and slow, sure steps to success. Your public persona is serious and determined, and this earns you respect. You make use of your time and resources and know how to gain support from others.

You bring an unconventional attitude to your life's work and you love excitement, glamour, and originality.

The effects of the Midheaven by Zodiac Signs

You're willing to follow a genius idea to its fruition, even if that means bucking tradition and being labeled a rebel in your field. It's possible, you'll make sudden breakthroughs that gain you notoriety. You are challenged by gadgets and cosmic science and could be drawn into astronomy, astrology, computer science, engineering. But you're just as likely to ride the currents of trends, in fashion, design, experimental art, and music. You may make your mark as an instigator for social change, especially progressive causes that you believe will better humanity. You might find special interest in the idea of extra-terrestrial life, and pursue it as part of your quest to go beyond the usual limits of thought.

You shine in fields where you're able to swim in deep waters. Pisces is a very creative Mid-heaven, that sets you up to be an artist, performer, a healer, a friend to kids and animals, and use your intuition as a tool. As we grapple with pain, we gain wisdom that we can pass on to others like a magical salve.

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In fact, the symbol for Chiron is shaped like a key since unlocking his powers opens up a portal to deep, inner peace. Chiron orbits between two intensely oppositional planets—uptight, restrictive Saturn and liberated, revolutionary Uranus. His role as the metaphysical mediator can help us synthesize the energy of both. Where do we hold ourselves back Saturn and where can we be destructively rebellious Uranus? We must understand both extremes in order to find the middle ground. Aptly named, since integrating the full spectrum of emotions is the key to wholeness.

How to Read a Circular Astrology Chart

Interestingly, Chiron was originally classified as an asteroid, but has gone through an identity crisis of his own. Meanwhile, there are talks of calling him a dwarf planet, like his bro, karmic Pluto. But whatever his planetary pedigree, understanding his influence can be downright medicinal.

Hopefully, but that depends on other things too.

Taurus Midheaven

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You are either one of the popular kids or you strive to be one. Everyone probably knows you somehow.

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