Lunar eclipse january 27 2020 astrology pisces

Eclipses herald times of significant change and movement and have been noted and studied since humans looked skyward. Records show that the Chinese calculated eclipses years ago and the Babylonians followed. Eclipses have been associated with major cataclysmic weather-related events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes as well as human-activated events like bombings, wars, and your basic bad-behavior plundering. Eclipses have also heralded major scientific and evolutionary breakthroughs. Things are always changing on Planet Earth and during an eclipse changes are triggered.

Manifestation of the triggers can be seen three to six months after the actual eclipse. Wheels are set in motion and then, poof!

January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Is a Can’t-Miss Lunar Eclipse |

Where will an eclipse impact you in your personal life? Look to the sign and degree of the eclipse. Then look at your chart and see where that degree falls. Look at the house where the eclipse falls as that will determine the area of your life that will be most greatly impacted. Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio, is the lord of death, rebirth and transformation.

Like the great goddess Kali, Pluto will rip away identities, cherished beliefs, vanities, situations and people that have become irrelevant. His illuminated side is transformation to higher levels and dimensions, and power subjugated and rededicated to the service of all. Like Neptune and Uranus, Pluto, as an outer planet, expresses himself through big geopolitical activity and reality-changing scientific discoveries and breakthroughs.

But his retrogrades can be useful. For those interested in doing some heavy spiritual and psychological lifting, Pluto Rx is a good time to confront the shadow. We all have one. The sneaky shadow can drive us to do things that are at cross-purposes with our better instincts and basic goodness. It can show up as procrastination, indifference, arrogance, or destructive impulses. They shun the light. Again, we all have them. Do not succumb to the vanity that you are uniquely worse than others, or that your shame is more profound.

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By simply grabbing on and confronting the feelings, and staying with the experience, the shadow begins to fall apart. Judgement of others and self, criticism and condemnation, or self-loathing are all aspects of the shadow, and Pluto Rx is standing by to help you do battle. Travel down a new road with Gaia, a member-supported conscious media company. Join our community of seekers, dreamers, and doers to empower your own evolution.

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Login Sign Up. Mercury Rx: Things to Avoid During the two days before, the entire retrograde period, and three days after, try to delay: Signing contracts. Buying expensive anything, like cars. Making long term plans. Booking airline tickets, unless travel was planned before the retrograde season. Purchasing computers, printers, the newest iPhone, etc.

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Forgetting to proof every communication, email, text, etc. Making etched-in-stone promises and commitments. Review Reconsider Rearview mirror — cast a glance.

Jupiter Rx: April 10 to Aug. Sign big contracts, if possible. If you do, they may carry some karmic lessons.

Get into arguments with authority figures, including Dad. Saturn Retrograde Do List Examine your definitions of integrity and accountability. Scroll down to middle of chart for current Venus transit information. This may include personalizing content and advertising.

Pisces Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

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